Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Their Portraits Hang in a Library

And I call them grandma and grandpa, Nori and George, for short. That's right, Kim and Kanye, my great-great grandma Nora was called Nori waaay before baby North showed up. Anyway, I just had to get photos of the adorable couple (in their wedding portraits) up for the world to see. George Edward Price and Nora Edna Elizabeth Miller were married in 1887 in Indiana. Nora would live, spending a considerable amount of time playing the piano for her family, until she passed away at the ripe old age of 93. Nora and her parents are also my family tree brick wall. Geez, Louise, you'd think that Indiana and Ohio were having a sale on the name 'Nora Miller' in the 1870's. Thanks for the puzzle, Nora, but I'll find you yet.

A special shout out to Winchester Community Library in Winchester, Indiana. George and Nora's portraits lived in my grandmother's dining room for as long as I can remember. She asked that they be donated to the Library when she died, and there they now hang, in all their splendor. The Director of the Library, Jana, worked for two days to get a good photo of the portraits to send me, even employing the custodian to get a shot in the "morning before daylight." I thank you both, as does my mother, who hasn't seen the portraits in years.

That's some Hoosier courtesy, right there.

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