Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sunny Saturday Morning Market

We usually get our grocery shopping out of the way on Saturday afternoons, along with our laundry. What everyone wants to be doing on Saturday afternoon, right? This Saturday, Alex suggested we head over to the Green City Market to pick up some of our fruits and veggies. (Which we do, in fact, eat! Often, and in abundance! Contrary to the photos on, and general theme of, this blog...) Great idea, honey! 

The Market is definitely not new to the city and I might be the last person living in Chicago that had not been there. To add insult to injury, it is literally located across the street from the Museum where I work (and it is open on Wednesdays too). I'm just that lazy sometimes. Anyway, no time like the present. Off we went. We couldn't have asked for a better day and the Market did not disappoint. Fruits, veggies, crepes, homemade soda, baked goods, even booze! Really, people. The amount of money I could have spent here. Which is probably the reason that I have avoided it in the past. We finally ended up walking away with several items for dinner this week and split a DELICIOUS veggie crepe from Abby's Crepes for breakfast. 

Remember Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, from a while back? This woman in the red skirt is the farmer's market version.

On a very sad side note, I started my day with a bacon cookie. 

And ended it with bacon beignets at Barrelhouse Flat

I swear I ate a salad in between. 

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