Monday, March 3, 2014

Rollie Zeider and Hometown Connections

Years ago, when Alex and I were just buds, and after finding out he was a big White Sox fan, I sent him information on a former White Sox (and Cubs, and New York Yankee) player named Rollie Zeider. Zeider had been born in the town next to the one I grew up in and, after the big leagues, he moved back to Garrett, Indiana, to open a restaurant called "Polly's," Polly being his childhood nickname. A friend on Facebook recently posted a link to Zeider's Wikipedia page. I clicked on over and soon realized a little family connection. Zeider's second wife Margaret's maiden name was Pilgrim, a name I recognized from my own family tree. With about five minutes of research, I found the Rollie Zeider link! 

I mean, we're practically cousins!

Above, you will see the Pilgrim/Billings crew. Mom and dad, otherwise known as Daniel and Frances. And, I can't say for sure, but I believe the fellow in the top-left corner, is my great-great-great grandpa, Edward, which would mean the young man at the top-right would be Margaret's dad (Rollie's father-in-law!), James. 

Rollie in his heyday. 

By the way, if you happen to be hunting around Garrett for Rollie's restaurant, as one would, it was located at 104 Peters St. Happy hunting. 

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